About Us

On the heels of the December 14th, 2012 Newtown, CT school shooting, a number of citizens have combined their efforts to help protect and secure schools around the nation. Twenty children and six adult staff members were fatally shot that morning. The massacre was the second deadliest school shooting since the Virginia Tech massacre in 2007. School Shootings occur every year. Many aren’t covered by the media. Most public and private schools in the United States have limited options if an attack occurs at their school. Although locking doors and windows provides some security, inevitably this only delays an attacker for a few moments.

The Citizens for Children’s Safety is a non-profit organization dedicated and focused on mobilizing residents to persuade their own communities to invest in armed resource officers in every public school. The group’s objective is to serve as a resource to assist in drafting proposals to local boards or committees to provide schools with adequate security (resource officers).

Armed officers should be present at every school, everywhere. We must find a way to protect our most vulnerable citizens. We arm air marshals to protect travelers, should we not give the same level of protection to our children. A “sheepdog” among the “sheep” is all that is needed to stop the “wolves”.

We, the citizens of our own communities, need to come together to make this possible. There are challenges – funding being the toughest. However, the value and protection that would come from having school resource officers are worth the investment.

Nothing encourages a shooter more than a GUN FREE ZONE. They know full well that they have a 100% chance of inflicting maximum carnage without resistance.

These events have given us a heightened awareness and need for our children’s safety and security so much more so than even just a couple of decades ago. Whatever it takes to keep our children safe, we should do. This is common sense and it’s about time.

The presence of an officer has multiple benefits; educating students on issues like Internet safety and bullying, being a liaison between the school and police departments as well as creating and improving positive relationships between students and law enforcement.