About Us

In January 2013, On the heels of the horrific Newtown, CT shooting attacks that left twenty school children and 6 staff members  fatally shot, Citizens for children’s safety was born.

School shootings and drug use are major concerns all across America and beyond. Although there is no easy answer, police resource officers have been an enormous asset in schools and throughout numerous communities. Police resource offices have been proven to help minimize  school shootings and drug handling in schools across America.

The Citizens for Children’s Safety is a non-profit organization dedicated and focused on protecting children from any harmful elements that face them. Our objective is to put children in “safe and stable” school and home environments.

Among the topic issues CFCS addresses are, a safe school environment, child care safety, home safety, drug prevention, internet bullying, poison prevention, sports safety, child passenger safety, child maltreatment, suicide prevention, child alienation situations, playground safety,  bullying prevention…etc.

Children are subjected to various situations that can be harmful. CFCS and its “team” work to promote a safe and healthy environment to prosper and grow. With a dedicated attention to these issues, CFCS feels that as a population, we can make this country and beyond, a safe and enjoyable place to live for children.